Yenlex Forms New Strategic Cooperation Partnership with Bairen Benevolent Foundation

Beijing - Yenlex is pleased to announce a new strategic cooperation partnership with the Beijing Bairen Benevolent Foundation to focus on long-term volunteer teaching campaign to support rural education across China.

The Beijing Bairen Benevolent Foundation has been dedicated to supporting development of social welfare and has built cooperation with individuals and organizations with the shared concern of social welfare since its inception.

The Bairen Benevolent Foundation aims to unite the inner strength and goodwill of individuals and social support mechanisms to improve life quality of the whole society and to achieve higher happiness index. With core concern in long-term volunteering teaching programs, the Bairen Benevolent Foundation focuses on organizing education campaigns in the south-west and north-west border areas for minority ethnic group residents.

Yenlex, a market-leading law firm in the People’s Republic of China, has been diligent in cultivating its Corporate Social Responsibility missions and in addition to serving its clients and pursuing development, it promotes the cause of social welfare and to give back to society with its professional advantages and resources.

Through its exciting new strategic cooperation, Yenlex has been dedicated to working hand-in-hand with the Beijing Bairen Benevolent Foundation to co-build volunteer teaching campaigns contributing to the development of rural education.