Yenlex Announces new Partnership with SmartX, a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Vendor; Completing Series B+ and Series C Financing of RMB200 million

Beijing - Yenlex is pleased to announce that SmartX, ( a Chinese hyper-converged vendor, has successively completed Series B+ and Series C financing.

The total amount of the two rounds of financing was RMB200 million, including Series B+ financing led by Vertex Ventures and Series C financing co-led by Tianjin Venture Capital and Hua Capital.

Proceeds will be used primarily to build a new generation of distributed computing and storage engines for the enterprise cloud and expand innovative application scenarios such as container and edge computing.

Yenlex, a market leading law firm based in the People’s Republic of China, on behalf of SmartX, fully participated in designing transaction structure, drafting, reviewing and negotiating transaction documents, and transaction closing.

Today, many companies are using complex and overpriced computing and storage framework that have not fundamentally changed over the past two decades, which could slow down the pace of innovation and development.

To reshape IT infrastructure, SmartX has developed more advanced software-defined data center architectures that take advantage of the latest hardware trends to help enterprise build faster, easy extendable, and more flexible data centers for the future.

SmartX was founded in 2013 and is a provider of a new generation of IT infrastructure products and solutions focusing on hyper-converged infrastructure. With self-developed distributed block storage as the core, combined with a wealth of product components and ecological solutions, SmartX can provide reliable, high-performance, simple, elastic and agile storage and computing resource pools for enterprise clouds, and support pure software and all-in-one converged deployment models.

Currently, SmartX focuses on finance, healthcare, large manufacturing, retail chain and real estate and other industries that are highly dependent on IT and has accumulated a large number of industrial giant clients.

SmartX ( promises its mission to build an easy-to-use, reliable and extendable-on-demand data center infrastructure for enterprises to meet their IT application needs.